Meet The Founders


M E E T  K A T H A R I N E
From a very young age, Katharine was drawn to everything involving fashion. Both her mother and grandmother are artists, and while they would paint, she would spend hours teaching herself to sketch mostly gowns and dresses in their sketchbooks. She was born in Northern California and raised in Las Vegas, but always had a desire to live in New York City where she dreamt of pursuing a career in fashion.

During her studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, she was hired as the summer intern to the creative director of Marie Claire Magazine in New York. She moved back to Las Vegas when her internship had ended with an even greater desire to work in the fast-paced fashion industry.

Katharine secured her first job before graduating collegeshe was hired as the social media manager for a Las Vegas-based online swim retailer. They eventually promoted her to PR manager and transferred her to New York where she met and became close friends with Haley. It wasn't until three years after working in the swimwear industry and attending Miami Swim Week events, runway shows and presentations, that she realized her passion for swimwear and decided to partner with Haley to build a brand that she believed in.

Inspired by the many strong, confident, powerful women in her life, from her mother to both of her grandmothers, Katharine set out to design MIMI the label, as an ode to all of the women who have guided and supported her in every chapter of her life.


M E E T  H A L E Y
Haley grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. She has always been inspired by her grandparents, and entire family, who built their company from the ground up with faith, passion and hard work. She knew whichever path she chose, those qualities would be the mainstay of her career.

Following her internship with Town & Country Magazine in New York, and graduation from the University of Oklahoma, Haley did not have set plans but knew she wanted to be a part of the fashion world. After a job opportunity fell through in Dallas, she knew in her heart New York was where she was supposed to be.

After adjusting to the city and searching for a job that felt right, Haley met Katharine and started working with her in the swimwear industry as a social media coordinator. This opportunity allowed Haley to learn and grow in a very short time, and form a lifelong friendship with Katharine.

Following that position, Haley became the Executive Assistant to the CEO of a menswear brand. She was exposed to the design, production process from start to finish, and everything that goes into a fashion line season after season. She started to really find her place in New Yorkpersonally and professionally.

Haley has always been a firm believer in timing, so when Katharine presented the idea of starting a swimwear line together, Haley could not wait to partner and create an impactful and successful brand.